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Based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, What I Tell Myself FIRST: Children's Real-World Affirmations of Self-Esteem is a book of real-world affirmations that highlight the various abilities and attributes of the reader while exposing readers to realistic possibilities of rejection of difference in various forms.  What I Tell Myself FIRST then enables readers to form mental frameworks to surmount those forms of rejection of difference and achieve positive self-actualization. 

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Dear Reader,


I’m a dad like any other dad. My love for my children, and raising them into the best human beings they can be is my life’s mission. The legacy I leave to the world is my children, and I’m like every other parent that wants their children to be strong, capable, productive, responsible, and most importantly, happy.


Having served my country in the Army, my community as a police officer, an anger management specialist, nonviolent crisis intervention instructor, and educator, I have learned a great many lessons. I hope to convey some of these lessons, as well as the real-world wisdom I’ve accumulated so far, to everyone that reads this book. I hope to teach a sense of self-love as well as self-acceptance. Giving a framework for both parents and children to help build their lives into sturdy and happy homes is my goal.


The ethos of any organization is a creed, oath, or promise to fulfill the values they stand for in their work. And I hope that this short ethos can, and I wish you well in the forging of your own personal ethos! On the pages you will see places to fill in your name, choose adjectives that suit you personally, and answer short questions. These were put in place to not only personalize the book for each child individually, but to provoke meaningful discussions between the child and the parent. Of course, the parent may not be the only figure reading this book to a child, so please personalize it to suit your own relationship title with the recipient of the reading.


No matter how you do it, it’s exactly right for you, as long as it’s true! So have fun, and happy reading!

Michael A. (Mike) Brown, MA


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I think this is a great book. It doesn’t whitewash life with promises of 'dream your dream and it will happen.' It works rather to help the young reader accept who they are, and work harder on the things they need help with. It’s practical and written on a level that children can understand and appreciate.... What I Tell Myself FIRST: Children's Real-World Affirmations of Self Esteem by Michael A Brown is highly recommended."


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