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What I Teach My Child(ren) Daily: My Daily Journal

What I Teach My Child(ren) Daily: My Daily Journal

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What you don't teach them now, life will painfully teach them later. Within one year, it is said that a child will spend 900 hours at school. Within that same year, that same child will spend 7800 hours at home. It is important that a child and their parent(s) bond through lessons that a parent(s) teach(es) their child(ren) and what children teach their parents. Question: What have you taught your child(ren)? Where would you go to recall those lessons? Welcome to your daily journal. Teach. Learn from your child(ren). What kind of learner is (are) your child(ren)? Discuss. Then, document what you've learned or taught. Document what you thought about what you taught or learned. Read it over. Discuss some more. Sign it. Have your child(ren) sign it. Repeat.


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