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HC - Mommy, Daddy Please Teach Me!

HC - Mommy, Daddy Please Teach Me!

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★★★★★ "A colorful, inspiring and heartwarming children's book, Mommy, Daddy Please Teach Me! by Michael A. Brown is a treasure trove of wisdom for young children. From their very first lessons in life to more abstract ideas of self-esteem and joy, parents provide critical support for a child's view of the world. Exquisitely illustrated by Zoe Ranucci, this vivid storybook touches on some of the countless opportunities for learning and growth that parents can share as their children grow. The simple language makes this a great starter book for early readers, while the images make it a stimulating experience, regardless of one's reading level. The final image of Maslow's hierarchy could be a great launch point for conversations about a child's happiness, desires, and emotional management. A quick, beautiful, and impactful read." - Self-Publishing Review


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